Alana ended her suffering

You're Not Alone


Does this sound familiar?

  • Blood in the toilet.
  • Protruding tissue from my anus.
  • Tissue sometimes will go back, currently it won't.
  • More difficult keeping myself clean after a bowel movement.
  • Standing causes a lot of pain.
  • Difficult to enjoy my life and normal activities...

Tried these, but they didn't work?

  • Preparation H
  • TUCKS Pads
  • Sitz Baths - offers some temporary relief
  • Creams and ointments from the pharmacy
  • Increased my fiber and changed my diet, all with no relief...





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Office or surgical treatments my patients don't want...

  • More creams or UV light procedures that seems to be a "band-aid" for my hemorrhoids.
  • Rubber banding may help for some, but requires many months of follow up visits - and often fail!
  • Surgical procedures that cut and staple my protruding tissue, but may not address the bleeding.
  • The worst option is "Traditional Hemorrhoid Surgery" which has been around since the 50's, and CUTS a lot of tissue, and requires many weeks to heal, along with an incredible amount of pain during recovery! No thanks!
THD will repair your Hemmorrhoids.

THD treats the "cause" of your Hemorrhoids, not just the symptoms!

Why Patients Prefer THD
  • Quick out-patient procedure; allows you to be home the same day!
  • NO cutting or removal of tissue, providing minimal discomfort & rapid recovery!
  • Most patients return to their normal activity within 4 days!

Get your life back and stop suffering...

What THD Patients have to say...

Amy 56 Hairdresser

"If I had known about the procedure earlier, I would have had it done years ago. What a relief not to have bleeding and constant pain. I think I was given a new life after suffering for about 15 years. I would recommend the procedure to everybody."


Charlie 71 Army retired

Happy Couple

"What a welcome relief to find a procedure that will reduce the reoccurrence of my hemorrhoids. After three surgeries to remove same, only to have them come back...Three days later I am out doing my daily walks again with very little discomfort. Thank You!!"

Lynda 55 RN

"A miracle is how I would describe my THD treatment after suffering with stage 4 hemorrhoids...THD has really allowed me to get back to living a full, active life."

Frank 51 Construction worker

"The THD procedure itself was quick and painless...My life has been turned around, really! A person who has not experienced this problem cannot imagine the relief: physical, mental and emotional!"

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