THD Technology

THD Surgical Technique:


  • Vascular control of superior rectal arteries
  • Precise Doppler guided arterial ligation that addresses hyperflow
  • Rotational pivot guide provides safe, controlled, reproducible 6.5 mm depth
  • Elliptical scope geometry ensures close approximation of the SRA branches and enhanced Doppler sensitivity


  • Repositioning of the redundant/prolapsed tissue to its natural anatomical position
  • Sliding feature of the SLIDEONE Anoscope facilitates mucopexy under direct visualization, through a clear operating channel
  • Prolapse reduction and lift accomplished without excision of tissue
  • Mucopexy terminates between the anorectal junction and the dentate line

THD Procedure Benefits:

    • Quick outpatient procedure, about 30 minutes
    • Minimal post-op pain; patients are back to normal activities within 4 days
    • Minimally-invasive, no excision of tissue, limited risk of complications
    • Performed above the dentate line "no pain zone"
    • Doppler guidance, ensures artery location for ligation

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THD Procedure
<strong>Step 1:</strong> Artery Ligation

Step 1: Artery Ligation

<strong>Step 2:</strong> Start of Pexis

Step 2: Start of Pexis

<strong>Step 3:</strong> Lifting of Mucosal Prolapse

Step 3: Lifting of Mucosal Prolapse

<strong>Step 4:</strong> Ligation & Mucopexy Completed

Step 4: Ligation & Mucopexy Completed

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