THD Clinical Papers

Title: Evaluation of transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization: a single surgeon experience

Authors: Labella G. D., Main W.P.L., Hussain L.R.

Source: Tech Coloproctol. Accepted Date: 20th. December 2014. Available for Open Online Access


Title: Thd® doppler for haemorrhoids: results from a multicenter trial

Authors: Ratto C., Parello A., Veronese E., Cudazzo E., D’Agostino E., Pagano C., Cavazzoni E., Brugnano L. & Litta F.

Source: Colorectal Disease, Accepted Date: 20th August 2014. Available for Open Online Access


Title: Hemorrhoidal dearterialization with mucopexy versus hemorrhoidectomy: 3-year follow-up assessment of a randomized controlled trial

Authors: Denoya P., Tam J., Bergamaschi R.

Source: Tech Coloproctol 2014 Sept. 24. Available for Open Online Access


Title: THD Doppler procedure for hemorrhoids: the surgical technique

Authors: Ratto C.

Source: Techniques in Coloproctology, published online 12 September 2013, Available for Open Online Access


Title: Assessment of haemorrhoidal artery network using colour duplex imaging and clinical implications

Authors: Ratto C., Parrello A., Donisi L., Litta F., Zaccone G., Doglietto G.B.

Source: Published in abstract form as Dis Colon Rectum 2010; 53: 578

Paper accepted 4th August 2011

Available for Open Online Access on Wiley Online Library (


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