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The contact information on this site is for informational purposes only. As a patient, the choice of a physician is controlled by you. The surgeons below are THD Certified trained physicians. Please take time to interview and discuss your individual symptoms with physicians and surgeons of your choice to review which treatment is best for you. The information provided is for your review. You are responsible for your dealings with the listed physicians.


The stories and testimonies depicted on the site are those of the patients and doctors receiving or providing the THD procedure. Results may vary from the THD procedure. THD has in no way solicited false testimonies. The testimonies are true to what we have been provided and have been selected to depict results that favor the THD procedure.


Most insurance plans reimburse for THD. As always, consult with your physician for details on your plan.


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THD offers comprehensive training courses throughout the US, hosted by qualified medical professionals. Contact THD for course reservations.

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