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I think THD is a wonderful option for both patients and physicians. From a physician stand point, it allows us to treat the hemorrhoids under direct visualization, very easily with a low complication rate. From the patient stand point, it allows patients to have their hemorrhoids taken care of without excision of tissue, a quick procedure, out patient and quick return to normal activities.

- Dr. Michael Page, Des Moines, Iowa

I think THD is a great alternative, especially for very active patients that are concerned about getting back to work. THD offers quick recovery with very little pain. It gets patients back to normal activities quickly.

- Dr. Stephen Cohen, Atlanta, Georgia

Overall our patients are much happier with the THD than with a regular hemorrhoidectomy. It's been wonderful to be able to offer this type of surgery as an option. It's been an efficient, yet affective way to deal with hemorrhoids for both the patients and the staff.

- THD Surgeon, Nurse.

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